Women’s Winter Hats

Haute headwear…

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From L.A. to Denver to Miami to New York, winter weather varies a lot. Some climates require an abundance of warm layers, while others are so mild that you can get away with just a light jacket. But what’s one winter accessory you can wear all season long no matter the temperature? Hats! You can wear a hat for warmth, for looks, or both. Here are the leading hat trends this winter you’ll love to wear, whether it’s a snow day or a sunny one.

Relaxed and Cool: Knit Beanies

The effortless, slouched look of the classic beanie is so easy for everybody to pull off. It’s a timeless headpiece that works with pretty much any hairstyle (with the exception of an up-do, of course) and any hair length. Opt for a cute cable knit pattern or one with a faux fur pompom. These hats look adorable with skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder sweater, or with a cute buttoned up coat, scarf, and tall boots if you’re in a colder climate.

Sophisticated and Chic: Felt Fedoras

If you need to dress up your outdoor look a little bit more, go with a felt fedora. A vintage version or an asymmetrical fedora will take your winter outfit from flat to fab! Designers are all over this trend, so you know it’s one that’s here to stay for a while.

Opt for Flop: Wool Wide Brims

Floppy hats aren’t just “in” during the summer months – they’re totally on trend in wintertime, too. However, there’s a bit of a shift in the material used – wool is going to keep you warm and will easily turn any bad hair day around! The best thing about these babies is that they are literally EVERYWHERE, nearly any store, you name it!

For the Art Lover: The French Beret

Another stylish option for winter 2017 is the French beret – it’s not just for Parisian women anymore! This trend has traveled across the globe and we’re seeing it on runways and in stores everywhere. We’ve spotted them on all our favorite fashionistas, from Kendall Jenner to Taylor Swift (just to name a few!). A vibrant red or a classic black beret will give you a retro look, and anyone with an old soul will love it too!

Well now you know no matter the temperature outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be stylish. Switch up your headpieces this winter and you’ll still be the fabulous fashionista you were last season.